Building Controls

Putting you in the driver’s seat of your energy journey.

Simply put, it’s time to put you in control of your building controls. Because smart buildings aren’t inherently smart, it takes experienced people to maximize the information provided by equipment and technology. Our in-depth understanding of building operations, combined with years of practical experience, positions us to deliver solutions that blend building controls, IT technologies and optimization expertise to achieve tangible, scalable results.

In order to achieve genuine energy savings, you must go “under the hood” of your building controls. By combining experienced programmers, engineers and energy experts with the right systems, software and information technology, building controls can be transformed from basic monitoring systems and fault detection dashboards to a company’s mission control system.

Building Analytics

Turning operational data into operational results.

As the software development and IT industries converge with the energy sector, there is a stampede to make buildings more energy efficient through the application of technology. Access to big data provided by building analytics software is only one piece of a complex formula. Harnessing the power of big data requires big minds, and U&S Services understands the data and can help you decipher it and apply it to your business. Based on experience, we believe data without analysis, interpretation and action are just zeros and ones. Our depth of experience translating raw data into actionable intelligence sets U&S apart from the competition. Building analytics may paint a scene about an energy ecosystem, but it doesn’t communicate the whole picture. The nuances and details are where the real story is found, and it’s that information that helps you understand your building’s story and how to improve it.

Optimization Services

Taking the guesswork out of your energy ecosystem.

Your energy ecosystem is a substantial part of your company’s value. How would your organization benefit from an ecosystem that was structured and functioning at peak performance? What effect would it have on your strategic objectives? What’s it take to create a healthy energy ecosystem—one that maximizes people, platforms and processes to achieve efficient performance?

Like the dynamic world around you, the inputs, outputs and consumers of an energy ecosystem are dynamic, too. Influenced by environmental factors and human activity, the system must be continuously evaluated and calibrated for optimal performance. By conducting building surveys, linking disparate systems, mapping points and establishing two-way communication between software and hardware, we help our clients establish best practices and unique protocols to build a healthy ecosystem from the outset. Our superior end-to-end commissioning solutions allow you to analyze and prioritize information as it flows from your buildings and take action before overages or failures occur. Using best-in-class technology, we continuously commission your buildings in real time to improve your operational transparency, efficiency and cost savings. Because you can’t improve what you don’t monitor.

For most organizations, operational building portfolio-management costs are a large number on the balance sheet. Effectively, or ineffectively, managed properties directly influence the bottom line. Leaders know in today’s global marketplace, cost containment isn’t enough to gain the competitive advantages necessary to run a successful organization; it takes active management of people, platforms and processes.

U&S helps customers navigate the energy and building optimization terrain, and build confidence in a winning strategy. Together, we construct a combination of the right systems, the best technology and the most knowledgeable people to achieve world-class results. The U&S Services approach uses big data to aid efficiency gains in human capital and hard assets. We assist in evaluating staffing needs, assessing maintenance schedules and proactively directing attention to areas where the business will see the greatest return on investment.

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For more than 25 years, we’ve partnered with public and private sector organizations to solve complex energy issues. By combining unparalleled industry expertise with out-of-the-box approaches, we help our clients overcome their greatest challenges and achieve tangible results.

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U&S Services works with companies of all sizes to provide valuable insights that help you streamline your energy use and optimize your operations. By leveraging our innovative technology, IT expertise and practical experience, we’re able to go beyond selling control systems and building analytics software to help you solve your business problems and boost productivity.

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We extend our technology and business capabilities through a powerful alliance of market leaders and innovators in order to provide our clients the best specialized skills and tailored solutions.


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