Mechanical Systems

Combining products, processes and partnerships that result in better performance.

Do you need help with designing and executing your mechanical systems? For over 25 years, U&S has provided our clients with environmentally sustainable designs and high-quality products. We are proud of our strong history and solid reputation built as a result of thousands of successful HVAC control projects. We work with the industry’s most reputable mechanical contractor firms, building contractors and building owners, and we represent the best mechanical systems on the market.

With a full array of high-efficiency commercial boilers and domestic hot water product lines, we are committed to delivering results that meet your goals, budgets and timelines. We leverage our valued partnerships with capital equipment manufacturers, building automation controls suppliers and IT companies to provide unparalleled service without breaking the bank.

Lighting Systems

One source for your lighting solutions.

U&S is the best source for automated lighting control ranging from small, local solutions such as timers, to large, centralized solutions that are sophisticated and customized. When you combine automated and web-enabled control with occupancy-based solutions and dimming capabilities, you can quickly see a return on your investment. Because we’re a single source for lighting solutions, we save you time and money, while providing one of the most comprehensive energy-saving opportunities in the industry.

We design every lighting control solution to integrate easily with other facility operations, such as HVAC, security and life safety systems, using open system integration and protocols. This gives you the ability to monitor and control each building function with a single system, resulting in a seamless solution that delivers the energy savings and connectivity you demand.

Protective Systems

Protect people, property and your bottom line.

Securing your people and assets is critical to the success of your business, regardless of the industry. You need to comply with security regulations, reduce risk, mitigate liability, protect revenue streams and reduce operating costs and insurance premiums. U&S delivers security solutions that let you control your entire security landscape—across your enterprises—from a single user interface. Whether you need to use a closed network or want to monitor footage from your mobile device, U&S provides easy-to-use, reliable, state-of-the-art technology to fit your specific needs.

Fire and Life Safety – Our fire and life safety solutions include addressable and conventional control panels and detectors; smoke, heat and gas detectors; emergency lighting systems, alarming equipment; and central station monitoring services.

Access Controls – Our access control systems offer easy control of access points (doors, gates, parking garages, elevators, production areas, data centers, research labs, suites, etc.), flexible access scheduling and customized forms for editing and managing personnel access rights.

Video Security – U&S offers a full suite of powerful video management and analysis solutions that provide real-time alarm and forensic tools for tracking events. Our systems exceed higher education and private and government testing requirements. Our video security systems can quickly pinpoint potential security breaches, allow you to view live or recorded video on demand and eliminate the need for constant monitoring. Our video analytics solution allows your staff to be better informed about the events taking place at your facility and react accordingly.

Critical Infrastructure – Security solutions for infrastructures that are critical to society such as oil and gas, national borders, and airports require a flexible and robust communication network with built-in capabilities for growth and enhancements. We offer physical security assessments, design/build services, customer-specific integration interfaces, program management, installation and commissioning for these types of projects.

Intrusion Detection – The security of your people and facilities depends on your system’s ability to quickly detect and communicate an intrusion anytime and anywhere it occurs. U&S provides the broadest selection of intrusion-detection devices such as motion sensors and window contacts that automatically send alarms to command central when an intrusion event occurs in a secured zone. To further leverage your investment, we can integrate security and building management systems to allow intrusion detectors to perform added functions of controlling lighting, heating and cooling based on occupancy.

Performance Contracting

Partnering pays for itself.

U&S works with clients to establish Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs). This alternative financing mechanism, designed to help building owners insulate against the initial capital costs of energy conservation projects, is a cost-effective approach for realizing your energy management strategy. With little or no initial capital costs, U&S works with our performance contracting clients to establish a partnership with a building owner and energy service company (ESCO). This partnership results in a comprehensive energy audit that measures energy consumption in existing buildings and is conducted by the energy service company. The audit reveals opportunities for improvements to save energy. Working together, an improvement plan is developed and financing is acquired. The energy supply company guarantees the improvements will generate energy costs saving sufficient to pay for the project over the term of the contract. Let us talk with you about the range of services offered by U&S Services and our performance contracting partners.


To make it all work together.

What if you could find one trusted source to make all your building systems work together in harmony? Truly integrated, more energy-efficient and working at peak performance? Using today’s most advanced technologies, U&S integrates and optimizes all of your building systems. We have a reputation for getting the job done and are known in the industry for setting benchmarks for high quality, excellent service, on-time delivery and measureable savings. Our experience integrating all types of building systems from the industry’s top vendors means no integration is too small or too big for us to handle.

Whether you need HVAC equipment, building management systems (BMS) or protective systems (e.g., card access control, security, monitoring, video management or lighting), an integrated building environment allows you to collect and share vast amounts of facility and financial data and to maintain better control over your buildings. When your systems are continuously monitored and adjusted based on actual, present, day-to-day, minute-by-minute conditions, you’ll reap the following benefits—helping you operate more profitably.

  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Be better equipped to budget for building and facility maintenance over the long-term
  • Easily identify new opportunities for growth

Energy Management

Save energy. Save money.

Whether you’re looking to optimize a single building or a multi-property facility, U&S leads the way. We’ve been helping clients across the United States—from university campuses spanning hundreds of acres, to United States Maximum Security Federal Correctional Institutes—work smarter, not harder for decades. Our team of LEED-certified energy management specialists will conduct a thorough assessment of your energy consumption and develop a plan to help you streamline and save.

We use an exhaustive three-step process to ensure we develop the best solution to control your energy consumption and save you money.

1. Detailed Site Audit

First, we review your building equipment information and drawings with you to better understand your goals. Then we survey your existing operations and consider all possible energy conservation measures (ECMs) related to building automation, lighting, mechanical systems, electrical systems and water conservation.

2. Preliminary Energy and Utility Profile

Next, we thoroughly analyze and benchmark your energy bills, as well as identify potential financing through utility rebate programs.

3. Comprehensive Analysis

Finally, analyzing all the information we’ve collected, we work with you to select the ECMs that best maximize your energy savings.

Our energy plans may include:

  • Building automation
  • Building analytics
  • Integration services
  • Lighting systems
  • Fault detection diagnostics
  • Constant-commissioning

Once your system is fully optimized, our energy dashboards can be integrated into your energy management control system to provide key measures of building operations at a single glance, allowing you to actively track your consumption and increase your savings on an ongoing basis. Our energy management dashboards also allow remote monitoring capabilities so you can analyze your energy usage from anywhere.

Client Solutions

Robust services that deliver what you need for the life of your building.

At U&S, commitment to our client’s success doesn’t stop once we’ve designed and implemented your building management solution. We offer ongoing support throughout the entire building system lifecycle. We are here to provide assistance and solutions you can depend on for years to come. By partnering with preeminent suppliers, we provide what you need, in the timeframe you need it.

Some of our services include:

  • Comprehensive in-house classroom training or tailored on-site instruction based upon your specific needs, to educate your staff and maximize efficiency
  • Dedicated project managers offer a single, convenient point of contact
  • Experienced and certified engineering staff for project support
  • Experienced and certified IT staff
  • LEED-certified professionals
  • 24/7 service from factory-trained, NICET-certified technicians
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Remote system monitoring customized to meet your needs
  • Fast service dispatched by a centralized GPS system
  • Spare parts inventory at all locations
  • Service calls with response times as little as two hours (based on contract agreements)
  • 24-hour live technical support and assistance
  • Flexible maintenance agreements designed to fit your needs and your budget
  • Service contracts designed specifically for your business
  • Remote PC workstation access
  • First-rate Security Professional Certified Staff

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For more than 25 years, we’ve partnered with public and private sector organizations to solve complex energy issues. By combining unparalleled industry expertise with out-of-the-box approaches, we help our clients overcome their greatest challenges and achieve tangible results.

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U&S Services works with companies of all sizes to provide valuable insights that help you streamline your energy use and optimize your operations. By leveraging our innovative technology, IT expertise and practical experience, we’re able to go beyond selling control systems and building analytics software to help you solve your business problems and boost productivity.

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We extend our technology and business capabilities through a powerful alliance of market leaders and innovators in order to provide our clients the best specialized skills and tailored solutions.


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