Alfred State College provides career-focused education to over 3,500 students. Recognizing that sustainability is an emerging 21st century challenge, the college has committed to both educating students about sustainability, as well as transforming all areas of the academic environment to promote it. This has resulted in an ongoing collaboration between the institution and U&S Services to create more sustainable campus operations. Environmental and operational efficiencies are the result of smart building solutions, including HVAC and environmental controls, building analytics, energy dashboards and utility meters.

Buildings included in the portfolio:

  • Allied Health
  • Braddon Hall
  • Central Dining Hall
  • EJ Brown Hall
  • Engineering Technology Building
  • Getman Hall
  • Hinkle Memorial Library
  • Orvis Activities Center
  • Peet Hall
  • Pioneer Center
  • Robinson/Champlin Hall
  • Shults Hall
  • Student Leadership Center (SLC)
  • Townhouse Commons


  • Building Analytics
  • Energy Management Controls
  • Gas Metering
  • HVAC Controls
  • Water Metering