Buffalo Niagara International Airport is Western New York’s busiest transportation hub, and securing this facility required an integrated, custom-designed security access system working in harmony with a full perimeter and interior video surveillance system.

Advanced customization was required to afford BNIA personnel the ability to generate personnel profiles needed to execute Security Threat Assessment reports and submit them to the TSA.

Video surveillance systems include perimeter thermal imaging, cameras watching elevators and escalators, intercom control, parking ramps and garages with license plate readers tied directly to a national database. Security alarms trigger instant video feeds to several monitoring stations, including inside the airport, for fast response to any emergency.

Falling under the umbrella of the NFTA, the security and fire alarm systems have been extended to surface transportation, light rail systems and all NFTA operational facilities across a wide geographic area, including the Niagara Falls International Airport. This includes bus garages at Cold Springs, the Metro Garage, and Frontier Bus Garage as well as the light rail yard and shop.


  • Full Perimeter and Interior Digital Video Surveillance System
  • Access Controls
  • Fire Alarm